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Cleaning Out Your Gutter - What You Need to Know

Dead leaves, flowers, twigs, branches and dead little spiders all discover their way into the gutters. However there's more! Kid's stuff, toys, cards, video games, art paper, toilet paper, crayons, bones, nests, animal poops, you call it, and it's all there too. These little surprises can truly be amusing. It is a matter to be taken seriously. Do you know that these little surprises, if left overlooked and unattended for a long period of time, can cause serious problems? Let's discuss these problems, shall we?

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As all of us know, rain gutters are not just randomly built for beauty functions. They are deliberately built to collect water flowing down the roofing system. Why not just let the water fall down as the rain wets everything anyhow? Here's why. When water is permitted to fall in heavy containers, water will find its method into …